About Us

Who We Are

KonkanConnect.com is a global online media & advertising startup founded in the year 2013 by KonkanConnect Network Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office in Udupi.

KonkanConnect.com is developed to connect the people who belong or have a sense of belongingness to the beautiful Konkan region of India that runs through costal Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala.

Our Name

The name "KonkanConnect.com" is an idea put together with two words, using a noun and a verb. The word "Konkan" having a geographical reference and "Connect" being the sole purpose of our initiative, which is to connect people of the Konkan region through a common platform to access content that is most needed in today’s time and age.

Our Services (News, Classifieds, eDirectory & Advertisement)


We have a dedicated, talented and diverse team of reporters and editors to bring you all the local, national and international news. We have our reporters based in all major cities of India and around the world. We strive to bring to you all breaking news as it unfolds.

Classifieds (Buy, Sell, Rent or Lease)

We understand the need of every individual and household therefore this service has been designed and developed using innovative technology thus providing you easy and customer friendly experience while you search for any of the listings as well as while you post any of your classifieds. Our classifieds section covers a wide range of categories and most importantly it is FREE and you can post unlimited.

eDiretory (Online Business Directory)

We have a technology that enables every business to list their contact information and all other details of their business activity thus providing an easy access to existing and new customers. This service enables every business to increase their customer database and increase revenue.


We run ad campaigns based on your needs through our featured ad blocks that are well placed on our site. This attracts maximum attention thus bringing our customers maximum brand and product reach. Click here to know more.

What you mean to us

We consider you as our most valuable asset and a friend for life. We thank you for being part of us. We like you to be our regular reader, contributor and brand ambassador.

Share your experiences with us or send us suggestions to help us enhance our services or simply write to us on what you think about KonkanConnect.com at feedback@konkanconnect.com