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10 Day Yoga Retreat in Shakti Darshan Yogashram


18-11-2017, 05:00 AM

27-11-2017, 05:00 PM



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Take your time to just be, rest, relax, go for walks in nature, sun gaze, meditate in the pyramid garden. This will be a special experience to stay in an authentic Indian Ashram, situated in the quiet and serene area of Kinnigoli, Karnataka. About 40 minutes drive from Mangalore Airport.

ASHRAM PROGRAM and Guruji B.Devababa
You will have the opportunity to follow the ashram program, and to sit with Guruji B.D. Rao, he is an extraordinary Kriya Yogacharya, and was a disiple with Swami Rama. http://yogashram.in/?page_id=118

This retreat is for relaxation and experiencing meditation and ashram life. I encourage you to come and enjoy this beautiful ashram, it is comfortable and rooms are good, most with shower inside. I know I was very well taken care of, and I felt very much like home the three times I visited Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram!

There are morning bells ringing early, at about 5 am for the yogic fire and mantra chanting ritual. Then we do morning yoga practice and follow the Ashram program which will be announced at arrival.
A seven day Kriya Yoga course will be given by Guruji B. Devadas Rao. Hatha yoga morning sessions will be led by Yoga Teacher RYT500, Camilla Danielsen, by donation.

The Ashram operates on donations, you give as much money as you feel like. You will need to bring cash. The ashram need 600 Indian Rupees to cover costs per person. Remember, you get food, acommodation and meditation lessons, and so much more than money can buy... Also we support the charity work the ashram are doing for children and others in the area. So if you give 10 000 INR for the whole 10 day retreat, it is equal to 1200 NOK.

There are three main meals per day; breakfast 9 am, lunch 1 pm and dinner around 7pm. A lot of boiled rice and veggies, and fruit. I think Ashram food is just delicious, ayurvedic and traditional Keralan recipies are used in the ashram kitchen.

April is the start of monsoon season, so it can be hot during mid day, and humid as well. So if you like hot and sticky, then you will enjoy! If you don't like it you are hereby warned. Just take lots of cool showers, do cooling pranayama meditations, and sit inside the meditationhall downstairs in ashram. Warm temperature is great for loosening up tensions and ligaments in our body, good for detox and relaxation too. :)

Ofcourse the flights and travel to the Ashram need to be organized ahead, I am available to organize bookings, then I charge a 10% travelcost-fee. (This will be my 10th time travelling to India so I know a few things :)

Example Flights as per today (3.11.16)
OSLO - MANGALORE 6th-20th april 2017, via London and Mumbai cost 5584 NOK (616 EURO) + travelcost fee; 600NOK = 6184NOK

Travel and health insurance you need to buy yourself, as well as Indian visa. I am happy to support you in finding information about this aswel!

Any further questions, bookings or inquiries?
contact me on email: post@camilladanielsen.com

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