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Mind Mastery Programme-Explore Your Mind


16-07-2017, 09:00 AM

16-07-2017, 01:00 PM

Hotel Moti Mahal

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Human mind is blessed with certain powers that help people to achieve success in all walks of life. The infinite potential of the human mind is the key to success in our life. Every thought in our mind shapes our future continuously. Mind power involves developing and focussing our mental capacities by training our mind.
This intensive Mind Mastery programme helps you to discover your mind’s potential.
Mind Mastery is your first step to understand the miracle called MIND and train it in such a way that you make everything in life possible. The mind power management methods are based on both the latest international scientific discoveries and ancient Indian wisdom. It will help you to create miraculous changes in your subconscious mind, wipe out the shadows of negativity and fill yourself with the positive energy required for a successful and abundant life.
The programme helps you to visualise the goals you desire and achieve it within minimum time. You will be taught highly effective techniques to eliminate any negative thoughts, attitude and behaviour that drag you down to failure in life. You will learn to reorient your objectives as per your values, abilities and aptitude to design a successful life and career.
Remember, the procedures and techniques which will be described during the programme have worked for countless number of people throughout the world. You will discover invaluable practical methods that can help you create health, immense wealth and harmonious relationships. However, your own personality, conviction and commitment in the application of the principles and procedures will be the determining factor.
Mind is like a farmland. As you sow, so shall you reap. To bring out good results, one should purify the mind and plant the seeds of goodness. Controlling your mind and thoughts and diverting it to the larger good of your life is an important component of mind power training.
Mind Mastery is your royal road to Total Transformation in your life.
“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think” – Buddha
Benefits of The Mind Mastery Program:
• Helps overcome phobias and fears
• Eliminates negative thoughts, releases negative emotions
• Relieves psychosomatic diseases
• Helps overcome rejections and failures
• Eliminates stress
• Heals relationships
• Delays aging process
• Boosts immune system
• Re-programming of the subconscious
• Produces positive state of Mind
• Goal setting and achieving the goals through mind leveraging
• Enhances happiness
• Focused attention and greater success
• Creates your own financial world
• Helps to achieve peak performance


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