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In Conversation with Shivarajkumar

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You are son of legendary actor Rajkumar. Were you not scared of comparisions before entering film industry?

I was nervous before entering the film industry. People would compare me with my dad. However I knew that I cannot match him. So I just entered as an actor. Due to love of fans, I have been able to make a mark in industry.

It's been 30 years in the industry and you have the highest number of films in kitty. What is the secret behind your energy?

I love films. If I like a script, I agree to work in the film. So we see many films being announced. However the director and producer should work on my dates, so that the film is completed on time. My upcoming films are 'Kabira', 'Srikanata', 'Bangaara', 'Mufti', 'Khadar' and 'Tagaru'. The secret behind my energy is my wife and fans. Until my fans want to see me in films, I will act for them.

From few years, you were not getting the commercial success which you used to get in late 90's?  However from past two years, you are back on track. What do you have say regarding this?

Most of the films in 2000's did not do well as expected. I think there were some probelm regarding execution of the film. However I do not take success and failure in my head. My job is to act in films. Regarding last two years, I am lucky that I have worked with good directors like Harsha, Suri, Ram Gopal Varma and P Vasu. I hope to continue my good work.

What is your stand on remakes and why are you not acting in remakes?

I decided to not act in remakes since 2002. I have kept my word and not acted in remakes until now. I do not have any problem if other actors are acting in remakes. Not acting in remakes is my personal choice.

Your last film 'Shivalinga' was a big hit. There were rumours that there will be sequel for the film. Is it true?

We are planning on it. However before that I and P Vasu will be working on another film. The script for that film is being worked upon. We will make official announcement soon.

Which is your favourite film?

I love all the films which I have worked in. However one film, whic is very close to my heart is 'Om'. I think that film was a landmark film in industry.

Your wife has been your constant support. What do you have to say about her?

I am really lucky to have her. Without her, my life would have been incomplete. She is my strength and is the reason for my success.

You are coming back on small screen with dance reality show. What do you feel about TV?

Small screen has a bigger impact than big screen. I have hosted a show before. However this will be my first show as judge. I hope I can give justice to the role. I have shot few episodes and I am enjoying it.

Finally what do you have to say to your fans?

I am really greatful to my fans. I hope they do something good for the society. I am blessed to have them as my fans.


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