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Nithyanand Volakadu- Man who lives for society

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Nithyanand Volakadu is a very popular person in Udupi city. Almost everyone knows him. The man, who is known for his unique hairstyle is a social worker, who has dedicated his life for society. In a chat with KonkanConnect.com, Nityanand Volakadu opens his heart out:

Why did you decided to dedicate your life for social service?

I am from a poor family. I have seen many hardships in life. After I grew up, I have ventured into many business in some, I made money and in some I lost. I know the pain which human beings suffer. I decided that I must do something unique in life. Everyone wants to earn money, but I dont want my life to be like that. I want to do as much possible for people.

Don't you think social service has become a tool for people to enter politics?

Yes, i do agree. Today it has become a trend for people to enter politics with social service. There are so many who help few people initially so as to gain good name in society. They later join politics with that good name and loot the same people. I am not at all interested in politics. Even though I was in politics for a brief period, I cannot adjust with it. I want to do social service, because I believe in it. When I help someone, I feel satisfied. I have a small world and I am happy with it.

Tell us about your politics experience?

I was a close associate of former MLA Sabapathi. However we had some differences and parted away. I decided to contest against him as an independent in MLA elections. My main aim was to defeat him and I was successful in that. I was also a councillor in Udupi CMC. But being a  independent, I hardly got any support from political parties, I decided that I will never ever be part of politics henceforth.

Tell is about Udupi Zilla Samithi?

I am a member of Udupi Zilla Nagarika Samithi. The samithi works for the betterment of people in Udupi and has no political affiliation. The samithi decided to donate an ambulance. I drive it whenever it is necessary. I am always available 24*7. Any person can call me at any time, and I will be there with ambulance. I do not charge any money. Impressed with my service, Kuwait Tulu Koota donated another ambulance, which is being ridden by my friend in Udyavar.

You are known for your unique protests. Tell us about it?

I feel that whenever we protest it should be in unique way, so that the concerned officials or departments comes to know about it and take it. Therefore I always believe in unique protests. Some people think that I do all these things for publicity. But I am not behind it. I only work for society and not for myself.

Tell us about your family?

I am not married. I decided not to marry and live for society. If I had married, I would have been more concerned about my family than society. I do not have anyone. I have an aunt. I lost my father at young age. My mother looked after me. Even she passed away. I feel the people are my family.

You recently were in news for performing last rites of monkey. What was it about?

A male monkey was electrocuted when it was trying to cross an electric pole to another, near head post office in city. I received information about this news and called forest officials to the place. Meanwhile a woman also informed the corporation office which sent a worker. The worker put the dead monkey in a sack and took it to Beedinagudde. I was shocked and got the corporation officer bring back the monkey. I decided that monkey also needs to be bid farewell in similar way as humans are bid farewell. I performed the last rites of monkey. Animals are better than human beings, as they are not greedy.

Tell us about your unique hairstyle?

I never comb my hair. I have not cut it since many years. I have just left it like this and it has grown. I do not have time to think about my hairstyle. Some people find it good and some people find it funny. It does not matter to me.

Nithyanand Volakadu is surely an inspiration for all youngsters. We hope he achieves all his dreams.


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